So, I recently decided that I wanted to learn how to cook. And by that, I mean learning how to cook more things than college staples like ramen and scrambled eggs.

So I got a few cookbooks and picked some recipes that I’m gonna be trying over the next few weeks.

Tonight I made lamb chops with a Dijon mustard and Parmesan cheese crust. For sides I made red potatoes, broccoli, and sliced tomatoes. All together, a single plate was about 12 Weight Watchers points.

Well, it was a resounding success! My whole family loved it!

Maybe there’s a chef buried somewhere deep within me after all!

  1. jsarevisited said: Looks good.
  2. why-are-you-tiger said: I’m not a fan of lamb, but those look amazing.
  3. kiarou said: Oh, dude that looks so delicious. My stomach is growling!!!
  4. therealsongbirddiamondback said: Do I spy YOU?! :P
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